You are given over 6,000 roads covering over 1,700 kilometers to wander around and find the most wonderful treasures. The rue de la Paix, the boulevard Saint-Germain, the rue Montorgueil, the avenue des Champs-Elysées are a few of some of the best-known places to take in. These streets are some of the most guarded secrets that are scattered through the capital. Unknown to the general public, these streets hold some the best mysteries awaiting to be discovered and definitely worth visiting.

The 11th District – Cité Durmar

In the streets of ParisCité Durmar next to the well known Rue Oberkampf or “Rue de la Soif” for Parisians. The Cité Durmar is named after its owner, Monsieur Durmar. This wonderful little courtyard of cobblestone is lined with artists’ workshops that have seen their better days in appearance. Don’t let that throw you off, you can run into some fine pieces of work and some giant frames. This place holds an incredible charm and is an amazingly rare place to visit.

The 18th District – Ménilmontant – Villa Léandre

To the right of the Avenue Junot, which is considered one of the most chic streets in Montmartre, Villa Léandre sits at the foot of a hill. This area is the most peaceful place you could possibly hope for. Villa Léandre, formerly Villa Junot is a small cobblestone cul-de-sac, cloaked in quiet, picturesque British style homes. Originally this area was an artists haven and now is home to families looking for discretion and incredible calm.

The 12th District – Larmarck-Caulaincourt – Rue Crémieux

With wall artistry of trompe-l’oeil paintings and colorful facades, rue Crémieux is one of the most exquisite and rare streets in all of Paris. Crémieux is located near Gare de Lyon and next to de Bercy. The pedestrian street ways attract those looking for beautiful pictures and range from visitors to lovers. This area should not be overlooked.

The 13th District – Gare de Lyon – Square des Peupliers

A very short distance from La Butte aux Cailles, this little triangular, private road holds a wonderful country atmosphere right in the heart of the city. With lush, bountiful vegetation you will be carried to a country style, quiet place far from the bustle of Paris. This hidden treasure is far from the crowds, the pollution and noise of city life. Bathe in this rural setting of brick houses, lush gardens and the gentle sounds of church bells instead of car horns.

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