View of the Port de Javel

Discover the 15th Arrondissement of Paris

The 15th arrondissement is one of the largest and the most densely populated districts of Paris, housing 10% of all local Parisians. Partly commercial and mostly residential, with no real tourist hotspots, it is nonetheless a great place to discover, explore, dine and stay in “real’ Paris. This area oozes history, tradition and charm and […]

Paris Petit Palais Museum

Our Selection of Paris Museums

Take a plunge and visit some of Paris’ most under appreciated museums. Paris has its fair share of unusual, off the wall museums that are worth getting to know. You will find life-like wax figures to, literally, underground sewage tunnels! Come on over a visit the unusual side of Paris. There are many great places […]

Crowd in front of fireworks at Eiffel Tower

The City of Light at Night

This magnificent city has so much activity and things to do during the night hours. Paris is a city that is even more beautiful at night than any other time of day. This city offers up absolutely everything including night tours, bars, museums and excellent shows. The Parisian nightlife has many wonderful places to spend […]