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Paris Romantic

City of Love – Romantic Paris

Enjoy a stay in the city of love to maintain or revive the flame in your relationship.

With its cinema sets and its eternal charm, Paris attracts lovers from all around the world. From Walks, cruises to shopping sessions, romantic evenings for two, Valentines day, for a proposal or even for your weddings: the French capital is indeed without equal to offer lovers simple and romantic moments. Walk hand in hand, stroll through historic districts or secret gardens you will be seduced by the charm of this city.

But why does the French capital maintains its reputation of the most romantic city in the world? Is it for its lights at night that warm hearts? Or its because of its architecture imbued with history, which reminds that it is a city with eternal charm? Or even, perhaps, its streets and its alcoves offering numerous hideouts for a loving Kiss?

The enchantment of Paris, for the hearts that beat in unison, it is a whole. Experience a stroll, hand in hand, from Montmartre to Saint-Germain through the Marsh and the canal Saint-Martin for the magic of this fabulous city.

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and a perfect place for a time under the sign of romanticism. Follow our itinerary through our selection of romantic walks of exception.

Paris for Lovers