This magnificent city has so much activity and things to do during the night hours. Paris is a city that is even more beautiful at night than any other time of day. This city offers up absolutely everything including night tours, bars, museums and excellent shows. The Parisian nightlife has many wonderful places to spend time while avoiding tourists traps. Read up and discover the nightlife of Paris, you will be booking a flight as soon as possible!

The Romantic Nightlife

Illuminated Buildings in Paris, FranceI highly recommend you check out l’Ile Saint-Louis, translated to “Saint Louis Island”. The islands of Paris are the most peaceful places anywhere with a different atmosphere and offers many excellent restaurants. The restaurants on l’Ile Saint-Louis are very traditional and top notch. The Le Saint-Regis, located on the corner of Jean du Bellay sits in front of the bridge that connects Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint Louis. Enjoy typical French dishes and five-star service from a sidewalk area while taking in the beautiful views of Paris.

After enjoying your meal, walk along the banks of the Seine and enjoy a romantic moment or enjoy the friendly communication with locals. You can meet some wonderful people including Parisians playing their guitars, rounding off a perfectly enjoyable time.

Parisian Shows

Whatever your taste might be, Paris’ shows have what you are looking for. Whether you want to go to the ballet, a classical concert, opera or cabaret, there’s something for everyone. There are many restaurants to visit after a night at the opera though there are also many entertainment venues besides the opera. Enjoy listening to music around the metro station Pigalle or check out the various concert halls. Probably the most famous music halls are: “Le Divan du Monde” and “Bus Palladium”. Both of these halls cater to blues and rock n roll. Not only will you be served up excellent live music, but it’s also extremely inexpensive at approximately 10 euros per ticket. If you are more into humour vs. music, you must check out the French humorist Olivier Giraud. He performs the show totally in English, and it is called, “How to Become Parisian in One Hour.
The French do have a unique behavior, and if you want to know how to be more Parisian, you’ll love this show. Giraud makes fun of Parisian habits with a very sharp sense of humor. If you want great entertainment that will make you laugh, this is the place to go. This show is at “Le Theatre des Nouveautés”, located at Metro station “Grands Boulevards”. Performances are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM and every Sunday at 6 PM.

The Night Culture

La Bellevilloise - Bar, restaurant concert hall - Paris

La Bellevilloise – Bar, restaurant concert hall – Paris

Some museums actually do stay open until the late hours of the night once a week. The famous Louvre stays open until 9:45 pm each Friday. The Orsay and Centre Pompidou also stay open late on Friday. As the evenings are very quiet and peaceful, this is a favorite time for many people to visit museums.

Night Clubs & Bars

Younger people enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of clubs and bars, Paris is also a huge university town. Students, as a general rule, are not flocking to the Opera, having a few drinks with friends is the chosen activity of young Parisians. Students patron only a few districts because the bars and clubs are cheaper. A very popular and friendly area is the 11th district which offers really good pubs located along rue Oberkampf. This area sits behind the metro station Parmentier on the 3rd line.

Bars and cafés, in this area, are very stylish like “Place Verte” which is very cheerful and fun loving. Young Parisians like this area due to its very friendly atmosphere and inexpensive drinks. They habitat this part of Paris on weekends with their friends and this is the place you should visit for a really nice evening.

If you have limited time and only plan on spending one evening in Paris, you might want to check out the many nightclubs sprinkled around Paris. Certain nightclubs are famous and must visit places. Le Showcase is patroned by the young and wealthy Parisians. If you are among the many “party animals”, this is the club to go to. It is very stylish but will cost an entrance fee between 15 and 25 euros but is truly worth the price. Le Showcase is located just under the most beautiful bridge in all of Paris, the Alexandre III. There are many other nightclubs, but if you only have one evening to check out these clubs, Le Showcase is the one to go to.

Be sure a check out the time for the last metro or the last buses because if you get stuck with a taxi, this could be a true nightmare!