Paris is a delight to visit throughout the year. As the cultural hub of Europe and possibly, the world itself, this city holds art shows, exhibitions, ballets and plays on an almost hourly basis. If you’re planning to visit Paris this March 2016, you’re in luck because the city will bring to you everything it has to offer. Here are four things you can do in Paris this March:

1. Annual Antiques and Flea Market Fair

people strolling through a flea market ParisParis brings you, for the 92nd time, their annual antiques and flea market fair. A gala of 700 professionals from all over Europe coming together to bring you the best of antiques and vintage items, the Foire de Chatou will leave you perfectly satisfied at bargain prices. Entry is only €6, and free for those under 15. A range of antiques, collectibles, books and more are being displayed at the Ile des Impressionistes (RER station Rueil-Malmaison) from March 11-March 20. Along with regional French food specialties and live musicians, this fair is set to be the flea market to end all flea markets.

France hosts some of the most storied and well-stocked antique fairs and flea markets in Europe. Visitors frequently uncover precious finds that add that extra touch to their home, collection, or heart. Others simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether that quest is for a specific item, or a general rambling through stalls trying to find the next diamond in the rough.

2. Wardrobe Showcasing of Countess Greffulhe

Palais Galleria opens it doors to curious visitors and fashionistas until March 20 to view the priceless wardrobe of the Countess Greffulhe. Coats, gowns, day and evening wear alongside glamorous photos are open to the public along with accessories, portraits, and films. The countess who saw the end of the Second Empire, the Two Republics, witnessed the Two World Wars, lived in the Belle Époque, the Roaring Twenties, and ruled over aristocracy for half a century was a fashion connoisseur and an art enthusiast. So this showcase brought to you by the Paris Fashion Museum, exhibits the best of vintage fashion: tulle flights, gauze, chiffon and everything in between.

Considered by many “the most beautiful woman in Paris”, the Countess regularly hosted key members of Parisian society, in particular figures linked to the art world. Extremely elegant yet also exuberant, she was renowned for her luxurious outfits. Many of these refined pieces will be showcased at the Palais Galliera.
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3. Hubert Robert Exhibition

gallery art exhibition hosted in the Louvre museumThe Late Hubert Robert’s art will be housed in the Louvre through March 9-May 30, 2016. As the curator of the Central Museum of the Arts (presently the Louvre Museum), cartoonist, painter, engraver, art teacher, garden designer Robert’s life boasts of a varied bunch of careers. However, this artist managed to distinguish himself in the eighteenth century through his ability to capture the reality of his environment by reinventing it and bringing it to a higher state. A portion of these art pieces is being shown at the Louvre. Visit the museum and experience the brilliance and unique talent of the man who’s credited with being the creator of a new vision of landscaping and reshaped landscaping.

Hubert Robert loved painting the grandiose, whether he found it in the size of Italian ruins, the immense beauty of the countryside, royal palaces or simple gardens. His creativity also extended further than just painting – he also designed furniture for the queen Marie-Antoinette. Read More here.

4. Les Femmes s’en mêlent

In the latest edition of this music festival, Paris celebrates femininity and women. Lovers of independent music and alternative sounds will love this music festival that has been running since 1997. This year girls have truly taken over the show. Renowned artists like with La Grande Sophie, Cat Power, Emilie Simon, Feist, Anaïs, Brisa Roché and Yelle among others will grace the stage and entertain you while breaking gender barriers and typical music definitions. From 25th February to 2nd April, the show is bound to be eclectic, fun and jam-packed with talent and entertainment

The impressive touring line-up spans classically-inspired multi-instrumentalist Emily Wells, dubby soul jams from U.S. Girls, Jane Weaver’s spellbinding Liverpudlian psychedelia and a night of glitchy electro-pop headlined by hotly-tipped Brit Georgia (with support from Dream Wife, Kenji Minogue and OKLou).


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