Take a plunge and visit some of Paris’ most under appreciated museums. Paris has its fair share of unusual, off the wall museums that are worth getting to know. You will find life-like wax figures to, literally, underground sewage tunnels! Come on over a visit the unusual side of Paris.

There are many great places to visit including those for the entire family. It’s time to take a look at these different museums in Paris, you will definitely learn things you never knew before.

Museum of the Sewers:

I know this might sound a little too much, but actually it’s quite fascinating. As long as you do not suffer from claustrophobia, the Museum of the Sewers is worth a visit for a very unique experience below ground. You will explore the world that exists under the streets of Paris. Theses famous old sewage tunnels system date back to the 1200s. As a matter of fact, it was Napoleon who commissioned the very first network of tunnels in order to create the system. It was improved upon around the 1850s and proved to be one of the most advanced forms of engineering of its time. There are approximately 2,100kms of tunnels snaking under the streets of Paris.

The Museum of Arts & Inventions:

This is a wonderful museum for kids and those who love gadgets. There are displays of over 3,000 inventions, scientific discovers and unbelievable innovations. This is an excellent museum for stimulating your brain and is one of Paris’ best for this genre.

The original pendulum is housed in this museum along with the very first calculator. Also, just look up! You will see an amazing collection of vintage cars and air-crafts hanging from the ceilings. Check out a wide range of mind boggling inventions, vintage pieces that will truly have you appreciating the advancements of today and how our advancements were helped along by these past inventions.

The Chocolate Lovers Museum:

The Gourmet Chocolate Museum is a must for anyone who just loves chocolate. Have you ever wondered where chocolate came from or how it is made? You will get your answers at the Gourmet Chocolate Museum. You will learn where the cacao bean came from and be amazed to discover there are many different flavors while joining in on an interactive experience. The history of chocolate has been around since tribal rituals to state of the art factories. Watch pros in a hands-on session and become inspired. Discover how chocolate developed through trade and get to sample some yummies at the end of the tour.

Musée d’Orsay:

Big clock Orsay Museum in Paris FranceThe Musée d’Orsay was originally a train stations that was designed by Victor Laloux in 1900. It houses a massive collection that spans from 1848 to 1914. Included in this collection are the amazing works of Van Gogh, Tulouse-Lautrec, Monet, Gauguin, Pissarro, Delacrox, Manet, Renoir, Corot, Cézanne and many other great works.

Along with the Louvre and Pompidou Centre, this is a very important and must see museum. Visit the upper levels and the top floor which is totally devoted to Impressionism. The middle floors are devoted to Art Nouveau, sculptures, Post and Neoimpressionism art, decorative art, Naturalism and Nabi.

Petit Palais:

While being overshadowed by its big brother, Le Grand Palais, this museum has one of the finest works of art in Paris. Artworks including Poussin, Doré, Courbet and the impressionists along with sculptures and paintings up to the 1900.

If you love Art Nouveau, travel downstairs and discover exquisite jewelry and knickknacks by Belle Epoque celebs Lalique and Gallé, furniture by Hector Guimard (the man behind the metro entrances), ceramicist Jean Carriès which include witch masks, frogs and rabbit ears along with a strange supernatural fantasy.