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Paris Cultural Visits

Arts and Culture around Every Corner

Paris abounds in cultural venues all more interesting than the other. In paris, art and culture can be found around every corner.

Cinema, concerts, exhibitions, theatre… The cultural life in Paris is very rich, and contrary to popular beliefs, visitors can enjoy at a moderated price if they know how to find the right addresses.

There are every day a countless number of exhibitions, conferences and cultural activities to discover. This is why we offer a selection of artistic and cultural activities in Paris.

Paris is one of the cities with the highest diversity of museums in the world. From the inevitable Louvre, to the Musée d’Orsay or the quai Branly, the range is wide enough to satisfy any type of art enthusiast.

Museums such as the Grand Palais or the National Museum of Natural History are testimonies of the historical past of the French capital. Other famous places such as the centre Pompidou, the Docks of Paris (fashion and Design) or the Cinémathèque, have a more contemporary architecture.

Art collections come from all over the world and through all ages. Whether they are national, municipal or private, museums are more than ever the thing to do in Paris, as evidenced by their radiation increasing around the world.

Attendance at the Parisian museums is always high with exhibitions throughout the year. Make sure you book your pass when planning your trip and do not miss this unique experience!

Selection of Cultural and Art Activities 

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Theatre in Paris 01 Jan 1970

per person29.00
Welcome to Theatre in Paris. Embark a unique French theatre experience with us. From Classics, to Comedies and Musicals, all sorts of shows available to foreign travellers using our unique subtitle system!