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Food & Wine Tasting Tours

Treat your taste buds with our selection of Gourmet Tours in Paris

Gourmet tourism is a form of cultural tourism. It is defined by the discovery of a region or city through taste experiences emphasizing the gastronomic heritage of France. Franc Parler Tours offers many tourist activities on the theme of gastronomy, oenology and discovery of the traditional French products for all foodies and gourmet lovers.

The French capital city reveals itself through a modern, open, creative and innovative cuisine, inspired by the great Parisian movement called Fooding. The Parisian culinary offer is in constant renewal and remains both high-end and innovative. Enjoy a lunch in a French restaurant, spend time in a bakery store, enjoy an unforgettable private wine tasting session, watch French chefs cooking and learn alongside the best chefs in Town. Let us guide you through a unique menu as there are multiple ways to exercise your gluttony in Paris.

The great names of French cuisine all have their address in Paris and we made sure you get a special offer.

Selection of Food Tours and Wine Tasting Experiences

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Salons de la maison Ladoucette Paris
per person60.00
Embark on a unique and unforgettable wine tasting experience in the fancy 16th district of Paris. The Maison de Ladoucette has re-created the atmosphere that existed in the past century among the fine wine sellers.