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Reims and Épernay: Enter The World Of Fine Champagne Houses

Reims and Épernay sit nestled in the northwest area of France and are a must visit if you are into excellent champagne. One interesting fact, only wine produced in this area can legally carry the region’s name.

Rising and falling graceful meadows, grand homes, aged wine cellars and traditional wine making in Reims and Épernay has barely changed since the 1920s. During this period, rigorous rules were set down to regulate how grapes were fermented and where they could be grown. If you are a lover of champagne, grab a few bottles in this region and pay only a third of what it would cost you  elsewhere.

There are only two regions where champagne is produced. Around Reims and Épernay in Marne to the north also around Troyes which is the capital of the Aube region and Cote des Bar which is to the south.

Reims Champagne a delicate taste of France |

During a champagne winery tour, you will more than likely visit and spend time in the cellars instead of the vineyards. All the vineyards produce champagne about the same way. The cellars are impressive because they consist of huge rooms set deeply in the ground that are cool, dark, damp and rather dusty.

Visitors are welcome by most small and large producers, but not all, who offer two very different tours. It’s wonderful to visit the Champagne Country while learning so much about champagne production.

With the large houses, you will join a group on a formal guided tour but with a great deal of lackluster when it comes to passion. That said, there really is nothing so awing then walking through these cellars and beholding thousands of bottles aging.

Visiting the smaller houses is a different scope altogether. You will receive a very intimate insight into the making of champagne. The smaller houses seem more passionate about their wines.

Along with their famous wine production, this region also offers a rich heritage of sites, and art. Reims offers a very fine combination of Gothic heritage and spectacular Art Deco architecture that came about after massive destruction during WWI.

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