How about a cruise down the Seine, enjoying a show at the famous Moulin Rouge, an incredible dinner at the Tour d’Argent or up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower. Although many clichés are surrounding the magnificent city of light, this is still the city for lovers, artists, and dreamers!

The Pleasures Of Lovers In Paris

classy old school restaurant in parisParis and the French are notorious for the best catering services anywhere. Over the past five years, designer boutique hotels are popping up everywhere. It has been drawing couples with fanciful themes, over-sized beds and compact closets for the perfect brief rendezvous. Paris has been the most sought after hub for honeymooners, couples celebrating anniversaries, lusty gateways and strolls down fond memories of moments gone by. The days of backstreets and shady corners are far gone. Modern, fashionable retreats such as The Seven and Vice Verse that are designed by 5-star artists and offer the most professional, friendly staffs, dedicated to accommodating guests for the best evenings of their lives. For those a little less daring than some, venture into couples’ only clubs that offer a little more spice to test the waters. Moon City Sauna probably offers a more exotic experience and is one of the most popular places around. Bashful newbies can test the atmosphere during their all-you-can-eat buffet evenings with a Club Med atmosphere.

Experience The Life Of Royalty

How about staying in accommodations with crystal chandeliers, antique furnishings, marble baths, fine linen, beds designed for kings and the best technologies hidden from sight. Paris offers the very finest historic palace hotels that only treat their clientele as royalty. How about a marriage proposal at the La Suite Shangri-La? With its luxurious 220m² rooftop retreat with your own very private 100m² terrace which happens to overlook the amazing and iconic Parisian monument. Expect flowers and French Champagne. On top of that, you can experience the royal treatment without having to reserve a room! So forget about the over done proposal at the Eiffel Tower, reach for something even more grandeur!

The Art Of Drinking And Dining In Paris

beautiful young couple enjoying a dinner in ParisWhen it comes to excellent wines and foods, Paris can easily pass almost anywhere in the entire world. It goes far beyond their famous dishes; enjoying a gourmet meal with friends or someone very special, is an art form. French répas is actually protected as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Understand, the French do not eat to live, they live to eat! Sharing a gourmet meal with someone special is only heightened by the incredible service you will receive. French waiters know very well to leave couples alone unless they signal for further service. In most cases, you will never, ever be “rushed” from a table, stay just as long as you wish to. Also, do not overlook sharing roasted chestnuts from a street vendor during the winter months. Never pass up the opportunity to enjoy heavenly pastries while sharing a bench in the park, a picnic of cheese, bread and wine along the banks of the Seine is absolutely delicious and many other wonderful marketplaces for many delectable treats.

The Parisians Will Seduce You

To the French, the power of seduction is an essential skill in so many parts of life. They also understand this power will win arguments among everyday people as well as in landing business deals. They decorate their shop windows to draw the attention of the passing by pedestrian, their sole purpose is to seduce the onlooker, and they are darn good at it!

The art of presentation, taught in different styles throughout art schools, is the center of enticement. By luring and teasing potential customers, they usually get exactly what they want. Art, toys, clothing, perfumes, and the list goes on, boutique windows are decorated to please. The French phrase for window shopping “faire du lèche-vitrines” translating to “window licking”.

Get ready to experience one of the great pleasures while passing by the oldest boutique windows in Les Passages Couverts. These historic 19th-century shopping corridors date back centuries before shopping malls and department stores. Passage Jouffroy, 10 boulevard Montmartre, 9th and Galerie Vivienne House hold boutiques, tea rooms, art galleries, antique bookshops and wonderful local designers. Shop under the beautiful, stone arcades of the Palais Royal Gardens, renown for their vintage clothing and famous perfume shops. Shopping in Paris is a very serious business and an exciting joy!

Take A Walk With Me

Outside the tourist driven views of monuments, palaces and famous cathedrals, Paris is also a wonderfully human atmosphere that is best experienced on foot. The pure Parisian flaneur (one who strolls aimlessly) are very aware that the best way to discover hidden treasures is along cobblestone streets or pedestrian passageways. What could be more enticing than the aromas of freshly baked breads leading to wonderful boulangerie. Parisians head off with their shopping caddies to the busy open-air markets, fanciful boutique windows and onto antique shops snuggled in off beaten paths.


Romantic couple walking on the Seine rive banks

The art of strolling through the streets of Paris will incite your inner explorer that lives inside all of you. Flip a coin, decide whether to go left or right, go down hill or up a hill. It’s up to you, and each turn will bring you to another wonderful discovery. Take a chance, close your eyes spin around and point in a direction, why not start off in the Marais district that is home to many hidden, glorious gardens. Perhaps you would prefer entering the Latin Quarter where you will run into the famous stairs from “Midnight In Paris”. Explore Butte aux Cailles, which is compared to Montmartre, long before there were tourists. Visiting Nouvelle Athènes, you might just take one very lucky turn and come across the enchanted cottage that houses the Musée de la Vie Romantique. Discover the world of romantic Paris that can only be appreciated and explored by foot!

The Magnificent Backdrops Of Paris

It’s almost impossible to travel throughout Paris and not have a backdrop of some famous monument, a winding medieval street, Gothic cathedrals, stunning architecture or elegant wrought iron balconies that are fit for Romeo and Juliet. It’s only human to grab immediately for your camera at every twist and turn because of another spectacular view. Take a break once in a while and just snuggle and enjoy the surrounding moment.

If views of magnitude are on your agenda, check out the views of the Ile St Louis and Notre Dame or the spectacular panoramic views from the rooftop of the Institut du Monde Arabe. Visit the 56th floor Champagne Bar of the Tour Montparnasse or Ciel de Paris. Another top view spot is from the Parc de Belleville; you will see more monuments from this place than anywhere else. It will take your breath away, and they are views rarely found on postcards.